Euthanasia in Tasmania - Assisted suicide in Tasmania - Dying with Dignity in Tasmania

Legal viewpoints
Viewpoints from eminent Tasmanians...
Legal viewpoints

Tasmanian legal practitioners and academics explore the issue of patient rights and the threat to the community in removing long standing legal protections

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with Prof. Michael Tate

Prof. Michael Tate, an Honorary Research Professor and lecturer in International Humanitarian Law, sets out what is currently permitted under Tasmanian Law and the likely impact on vulnerable Tasmanians should current protections under the Criminal Code be removed to allow euthanasia or assisted suicide

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Prof Michael Tate

Professor Michael Tate is an Honorary Research Professor at the University of Tasmania, a former Federal Minister for Justice and Australian Ambassador and has extensive experience in Criminal and International Humanitarian Law.


Viewpoints on euthanasia and assisted suicide from eminent Tasmanians